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Melbourne is known to be the world’s most liveable city and if you’ve been there before, you’ll know the reasons why. There are plenty of interesting places you can visit aside from lovely restaurants to street bars and cafes. You don’t need to break the bank if you want to explore Melbourne since there are plenty of budget-friendly yet enjoyable things you can do in this place. If you’re looking for great ways to experience the beauty of Melbourne, here are the best things to when you’re there.

Gallery Hopping

Melbourne is home to a lot of galleries. When you’re there, why not grab the chance to visit these wonderful places? There are plenty of galleries you can visit such as the National Gallery of Victoria, Ian Potter Centre and the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art.

Discover Street Bars and Cafes

Street bars and cafes are popular in this place and a perfect place to grab a quick snack or catch up with some friends. Enjoy the picturesque street scene while you drink your coffee or enjoy a pastry. Visit those lovely bars on Little Collins Street Melbourne and taste their delicious specialties from noon until night.

Enjoy Rooftop Views

Aside from street bars and cafes, one thing you shouldn’t miss when you’re in this lovely city is the wonderful rooftop views. If you’re on a budget, you can still enjoy this wonderful view through rooftop bars. You can find a lot of them from Swanston Street all the way to Bourke Street.

Walk Through Arty Alleyways

Instead of being a simple alleyway, Melbourne’s laneways are filled with colourful and beautiful art by locals and even visitors alike. Marvel at the wonderful street art beginning at Hosier Lane and head north to the laneway maze from there. If you’re a visitor, there’s a walking tour map that will guide you through the laneway maze without missing the any masterpiece.

Tour Around on a Bike

Because of the public bicycle scheme, this lovely place is a lot easier to explore. You can grab a bike at one of those blue bike kiosks scattered around the city. Of course, there’s a rental fee to get your hands on a bike but you get to enjoy the first 30 minutes for free. Explore scenic places conveniently like the Yarra River, Sandridge Bridge up to the Flinders Street.

Go Market Hopping

Aside from scenic places, Melbourne is also well-known for its markets. You can find a lot of them selling local produce, crafts, food and many more. You can even enjoy free food sampling on some markets. Some of the best places to visit are the Queen Victoria Market, Camberwell Market, Rose Street Artists Market, and a lot more.

Experience a Relaxing Bay-side Life

If you’re looking for an escape from the city, the bayside is a best place to go. Enjoy sightseeing at St. Kilda Beach and tour the craft markets on the Esplanade every Sunday.

Exploring the beauty of Melbourne doesn’t need to be expensive when you know the best places to go.

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