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Nets are absolute necessity when it comes to fishing. Whether you are using one of these to land a trophy fish or you are working a seine to corral bait, nets are really main fishing tools. The guide that is given below will give you some much needed information about choosing the right nets to help you ensure that you buy what is right for this purpose.

What Are The Types Of Fishing Nets Available?

There are several different categories of fishing nets that you can choose from. These nets will help you capture a hooked fish. Some of these nets are used for catching the fish in a live well or in a holding tank. Casting nets as well as seines are designed exclusively for trapping your own bait. There is a bit more detail that goes into each type which you should learn about. Do some research before you buy.

What Is A Landing Net?

There is a large variety of fishing landing nets available to be purchased, but not all of them will be the same. There are many small as well as compact models that are only there for the fly fishers to use and then there are the big super-sized ones that are also used by anglers who target big game like muskies and saltwater anglers.

What Kind Of Netting Material Is Available?

Some of the most common materials used are non-coated nylon which happens to be really a very common one, rubber and coated nylon. These nets can also be classified as knotted and non-knotted types that you can choose from. Both coated nylon as well are rubber are smooth and fish-friendly so to speak. Non-coated nylon nets and especially is they are knotted, can be abrasive and therefore can harm fish, scratching scales as well as get rid of protecting slime. If you have been planning to harvest fish this perhaps is not an issue. Unless it is rubber or treated, knotless nets are the best for selective harvesting and to also carry out catch and release practices.  

Mesh Treated Netting

One of the biggest plus points of capitalizing in a mesh-treated net is the fact that the coating will deliver better performance for you. The rubberized treatment of the net gives the mesh a semi-rigidity that will quite dramatically reduce entangling when it is compared to a non-treated mesh. Another benefit is that the coating will stop hooks from penetrating into the mesh when a fish has been caught and is thrashing in the pen.

These coated nets will cost you more, but they are worth it for the time that you will save trying to disentangle knots and therefore, you can focus on fishing. Any high end nets will also have a coating around the hoop that will keep it in place and will also make sure it is more durable than the usual. In many cases you should choose a black net and hoop because of the fact that it is low in visibility and will not scare the fish away.

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