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If you’re looking to stay in a motel, you should. It can be very advantageous. Below, we’ll be running through the many reasons why you should spend the night in such an establishment. If you’re interested, be sure to keep reading.

They’re Everywhere

If you’re on a road trip, you’ll see a hotel every now and then. This would be hard for you to find somewhere to sleep. Your only option is to hit the hay in your car. However, this isn’t the best choice.

That’s why motels are so great as they’re readily available. While on the road, you’ll notice that motels are almost everywhere. So, you can always find a place to rest.

Always Open

Hotels may have a certain time where you can’t check-in, where they essentially close down. This isn’t the case with most motels as they’re practically open throughout the day. Thus, you can walk in at any time you want.

What’s more, is, you don’t have to get a reservation. If you’re going to a hotel, you’ll have to book your stay in advance. Not only is this annoying but the hotel’s system may be faulty, not showing your booking in the system. So, you’ll be stranded.

It’s Cheap

Hotels can be very expensive, especially the ones that are closer to the city. one a budget? no problem as this isn’t the case with motels as they’re known to be very cheap. In fact, they’re one of the cheapest places you can spend the night.

Because of this, you should think about spending the night at a motel if you want to save the most money. It’s not cheap because of a lack of services, but as it’s simply a motel and not a hotel.

Great Service

As mentioned, motels aren’t cheap because they have a lack of services. Instead, they’re this price because of their namesake.

So, you can expect good treatment if you pull up at a motel. The amenities you can get are immense, including breakfast, room service, a pool and more.

Of course, each motel offers different amenities so you have to keep this in mind.

The Staff Is Friendly

Hotels are huge. Most of the time, they’re global franchises. That’s why their staff isn’t that friendly as they have a lot of customers to tend to.

Motels are small establishments that have to cater to their customers as best as possible. Thus, you’ll have a wonderful experience spending the night at a motel as the staff there would be very helpful.

Near All The Sites

As stated, hotels are in certain locations- they’re not everywhere. This isn’t the case with motels as they’re practically everywhere.

This makes it easier for you to see sites if you’re visiting as most likely, there will be a motel near it.

With everything mentioned in consideration, you’ll see that staying at a motel can be very beneficial. That’s why you should think about stopping by one the next time you’re on a road trip. Not only will it be a great experience, but it’ll save you money!

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