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Proper maintenance is always the key to keeping your car at its finest running condition. This step is particularly necessary for old cars since they are more prone to damage as the years go by. The chances of your engine being damaged are high when you’re living in a place that experiences extreme temperature and weather changes. You can spot the early signs of wear and tear by inspecting your car from time to time. It is easy to do if you know the right places to check and the warning signs that you’re after. Here are the basic car parts that you have to check to make your vehicle last longer.

Basic Car Parts to Maintain

Our engine’s fluids serve as its lifeblood so it should always be on our top priority when checking our car. Fluids such as engine oil, brake, transmission and steering fluid are degraded through time by heat and friction. Make sure to check their levels and top them up or replace them when needed. Their filters should also be kept clean to be efficient in filtering foreign debris that can damage your engine. Damages in belts and hoses could really cost you a lot. Always check the hoses if their still firm. Watch out for dents and tears in the belts. In fact, you can have all of them replaced when you find a broken one to save time and cost. Properly inflated tires are more efficient in gas than the under-inflated ones. Always keep your tires at the right pressure to save up on gas and even lengthen their life.

Check your lights from time to time to make sure that nothing is blown out. Being pulled over for a broken light is surely a waste of time. You can keep your vehicle safe from the harmful UV rays by applying a protective wax. It’s not obvious but exposure to UV rays for years can contribute to wear and tear of a car.

Is Car Servicing Better than DIY Check-ups?

If you’re not really confident the way you do DIY maintenance in your car, then it’s time to schedule for a service. Many specialists offer the best Mercedes Benz servicing in Melbourne that will surely give proper care your vehicle deserves. Service selection is divided into two types. Here’s how to know what type your car needs. Service A – This is based on the factors determining how you use the vehicle. A Mercedes Benz receives its first service after spending 10,000 miles or during its 1-year mark. The following visits are then scheduled every after 2 years or 20,000 miles. Service B – This type is based on your car’s specifics which are stated in the manual. The first service is done after spending 20,000 miles on the road or after one year when you had service A. The next visits are scheduled then every 2 years or 20,000 miles.

A well-maintained car will surely reward your efforts with longevity. Schedule a car servicing now to be assured of best results.

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