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Planning a birthday celebration that is unique take some thinking. And if you really want to make it a party they remember, you need to upgrade it from the usual backyard celebration to some of the trendier and newer ideas. If you are worried about where to plan your birthday, here are some ideas for you.


If you do not want any extravagant celebrations and wine and dine but is looking for a simple relaxing day with your closest friends, this is your place to go. You don’t have to worry about guest lists, decorations or menus. But instead you get a whole day to take care of yourself with your most intimate friend circle.

Watch a Game

This is for those who love sports and love to go see games with their friends. Instead of spending your time planning a big celebration, you can get tickets to watch a game of your favourite sport with your friends, and enjoy some simple snacks and drinks with them. With all the fun of being in the audience and all the fast food you can enjoy with friends, it will turn out to be a well spent day.

Party Boat

Want to celebrate your birthday in a fancier style? Then a famous party boat cruise is your answer. Birthday celebrations at party boats are becoming increasingly popular so why not join the crowd and have your birthday spent enjoying the sea breeze and watching the sunset?


Are you a shopaholic? Then why not have a little shopping spree to treat yourself on your birthday? Get your friends to join you if you are not a fan of shopping alone. Choose some of the closest stores you can visit and spend the day hunting for clothes. This is much similar to having a spa day but the difference is you will have to walk around a lot.

Plan a Trip

Take a break from all your busy work and plan a trip to some of your favourite destinations. It can be a simple short trip to a local museum or a camping trip to nearby site or can be a much needed weekend vacation to a national park or even a road trip. Trips are one of the best ways to have a more adventurous time in honour of your birthday.

A Day at the Beach

This is a little more traditional idea for birthday parties but is still a good venue if you are a fan of outdoor parties. Especially if you want the traditional cake cutting and celebrations but want to keep it simple with less fancy clothes and decorations. Plan a day out at a party venue by a beach where you can not only enjoy the birthday celebrations but also a beach game or two.

The key to planning a birthday that is unique is to opt for ideas that not many would go for. A unique way of celebrating your birthday will make it memorable for both you and your guests.

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