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If it true that most people would tell you to stick to easy, hassle free, cost efficient hobbies that would help you and might give you something in return preferable something with economic value. However, with age, experience and change in lifestyle, it is only appropriate that you will develop some expensive hobbies like car racing, learning to fly a plane or ballroom dancing. Here are few hobbies that would be appropriate and not over the top!

Wine tours

In most of the grape yards or valleys, there are wine tasting tours that teach you to appreciate different wines and pair them with the right cheese. You might think that that sounds pretty boring but you can find that people who had went on these tours had fun at the same time got to experience the wine produced. Therefore, you might want to book winery tours Yarra valley before they are full booked for the season. Moreover, how can drinking wine and tasting cheese not be fun!

Travel around the world

Travelling around the world is an expensive hobby. This does not mean you go to the same places and look at the same things but rather you need to go to different countries and different places to experience their culture in full. You might think that it is too much work but if you can have your passport carry the stamp of all the countries, you are more likely to be the most experienced person. This will also add value to your CV when you have worked with different people around or across the world because that means you have connections throughout the world which makes you an ideal candidate for a top management post.

Be a collector

Most people think that your expensive hobby means you need to collect some invaluable items which is smuggled into the country. However, you can collect things like stamps, rocks, shells or books. These things are also valuable. Everything in god’s earth is invaluable and it is in the eye of the beholder to see it as important thing or just trash. If you are planning to collect things like Picasso or Van Gogh, then you might have to think about around the clock security for the items to help ensure the item you procured is not stolen from right under your nose.

In addition to the above mentioned, there are several other things that can be considered as a pricy hobby but that does not mean that all your hobbies should be price and age appropriate. Your hobby should give your satisfaction or happiness, so if making clay and making toys makes you happy then you should do it!

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