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If this year, your vacation destination turned out to be beautiful Italy, you have decided well. Italy in all its glory seems to be the whole package. The beauty, the scenery, culture, history and especially the food is said to be mind-blowing.

List Everything You Want To Do

Before you head right in, it’s better to list everything you want to do. Maybe mark up the route you’re going to be taking, on a map. That way, it renders you getting lost and being unable to have the best of your time, impossible. Therefore, unless you’re going alone, collaborate and choose your interests and mark the route you’re going to be taking and for each place you want to stop and do something, list it out on another paper.

Don’t Use Public Transport

It is better to enjoy the scenery first hand with the whole surrounding in front of you. When you take a taxi to tour around, it might cost you a fortune, especially as a tourist but it will also not feel any different from a typical day from your own homeland. If you’re going to a beautiful location such as Piemonte, it’s best to either walk or choose something like a Piemonte Cycling Tour. It is much more fun, to do alone and with friends. Besides, when you go to a foreign country, you tend to eat your heart out and a cycling tour might be the most fun way to not feel heavy and bloated and feel good about yourself throughout the whole trip without any worries.

Go For Wine Tastings

Wine is the only other thing important other than spaghetti and meatballs, and pizza when you’re an Italian citizen. So, to receive the full experience why don’t you go to a wine tasting with the locals and maybe if you overdo it a little, you’re definitely going to be left with the best memories of you being drunk ever as the Italian folk is the most fun to be around in cheese and wine tastings.

Go To The Churches

It is indeed a fact that Italians exceed expectations by a mile when it comes to beauty, art and culture. So, if you’ve made your choice to register for a cycle tour, It would be really amazing to make visiting most art galleries and churches, a personal goal. The very resplendent churches with every person’s belief and the devotion and hard work of every artist who worked on the painting and sculptures will leave you in awe, not wanting to leave the place. What better place to get down on your knees and seek blessings than in one of these churches?

Eat With The Locals

Try to avoid the fancy restaurant joints that are custom made for tourists and cafes where you see most tourists lurking around. It may be a bit tough to get around with people around you not speaking your language but isn’t that what’s fun about visiting a foreign country. Head to a small local food stall and taste the authenticity!

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