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Australia is known for a lot of things. Most notably being the habitat of some of the world’s deadly and poisonous creatures. Memes of finding spiders, snakes and other wild animals found in backyards circulated the Internet constantly that non-locals begin to have an idea that occurrences like these are normal in the Land Down Under.


Nevertheless, this did not deter tourists from traveling to Australia to see the iconic Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. But Melbourne is slowly starting to attract attention being Australia’s second largest city and the whereabouts of the Yarra River, Royal Botanic Gardens and Melbourne Cricket Ground among others. When planning a visit to Oz, be sure to visit Melbourne, The Economist’s world’s most liveable city for seven years now.

Take A Trip Down Memory Lane

Visit the Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne’s largest open market with stalls that sell various goods from meat, fruits and vegetables, clothes, souvenirs, shoes, gadgets and more. In operation since 1874, the stalls still has that 19th century look and feel making shoppers feel how it was like to shop during the 1800s. The Meat Hall and the stalls along Elizabeth and Victoria streets managed to preserve that period’s vibe. Make sure to buy a jam doughnut since the ”Vic Market” or the ”Queen Vic” as it is fondly called is famous for its hot doughnuts with jam fillings.


Day Tours

No matter how long you will be visiting and staying, choose to avail of a day tour to some of the amazing sights and gorgeous views. Some of the most popular day tour Melbourne is stopping over to see two of Victoria’s landmarks, the Twelve Apostles and the Penguin Parade. The Twelve Apostles is a group of limestone rock formation in the Port Campbell National Park, which are best viewed during sunrise or sunset as they change colour. Penguin Parade on the other hand is an activity the kids will surely love. Viewing penguins at Philip Island during sunset wobble from the sea after a day of fishing to feed their chicks left at the sand dune burrows is a truly fascinating experience.

Smell the Roses

In spite being a metropolitan city, Melbourne is one of two sites of the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, with the other garden being in Cranbourne. The Melbourne garden was established earlier in 1846 while the Cranbourne Garden was founded in 1970. The locals are very fond of the gardens because of its contribution to the cultural development of the city and in attracting tourists that aids the growing tourism and hospitality sector of Melbourne.

See a Dragon

Chinese Museum or Museum of Chinese Australian History in Melbourne, Australia houses the exhibitions with regards to the cultural relationship between Australia and China. Artefacts, photographs and textiles are prominently displayed. The Millennium Dragon, largest dragon in the world is also proudly laid out in the Dragon Gallery.


Without a doubt, Melbourne is the country’s cultural and artistic capital with its numerous architectural heritage, restaurants and cafes. It also has the advantage of being located at the southern part of Australia, making it near to several day trip destinations of beaches, coastal sceneries and hills.

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