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Brisbane, the third largest metropolitan area in Australia, is also one of the top LGBTQI+ friendly cities in the country. There’s a strong Pride presence here, and there are also lots of things to do and see here for the gay traveller.

Some gay travellers might be sceptical still, given Queensland’s historical discrimination against queer people. But things are rapidly changing. Areas like Fortitude Valley in Brisbane are especially welcoming and remain highly popular among non-hetero tourists.

Let’s get down to the gayest things you can enjoy in the city on a visit:

Cruising Clubs

When you are in the city, ditch the dating apps and hit the cruising clubs in the city to find likeminded partners. There’s a number of great gay clubs here, which welcomes all orientations and genders. So not only would you have great chances to meet the love of your life, you can also make excellent friends.

You won’t be disappointed if you want something kinky. Clubs cater to all sorts of tastes. There are low-key places to just enjoy a drink with a potential date, or you can get straight down to the whips and masks at a raunchy mmmm you can also come gay club. There are plenty of options to choose from.

Biking Tours

If you have a thing for bikers, Brisbane is definitely the place to be. You can hang out with bikers or join a group to go on biking tours around the city. There’s no pressure; some trails are perfect for visitors and tourists.

Brisbane’s scenic biking paths would definitely revitalize you on your vacation. Biking is a great way to explore the unique local cafes in between taking Instagram shots of the stunning views. Instead of regular sightseeing in a bus, you can take bike tours between major attractions too.

Don’t Miss the Big Gay Day

The Big Gay Day is possibly the most exuberant queer festival in all of Australia. It’s as rambunctious as Mardi Gras, but with a focus on the queer community. The festival is as epic as you would expect a gay bash to be.

The festival is held in March, which makes it a great month to visit the city. It’s held on the street by the Wickham hotel, which closes for the event. The fun includes over-the-top carnival activities, music, performances, and even booths. Charity events are also included. This event draws huge crowds, so be prepared for when you come.

Attend the Wonderland Festival

If Big Gay Day is too big an event for you, you can try the other major queer-friendly event in the city: the Wonderland festival. It’s as exuberant as the big day, but doesn’t draw as massive crowds. (It does draw big local crowds).

Wonderland festival’s got everything a gay celebration needs: live music, ethical circus, burlesque, theatrical performances, comedy skits, and plenty of drag queens. Usually held towards the end of the year, this is definitely not a PG-13 event. There’s no better festival to let loose and just enjoy being queer.

Visit a Gay Sauna

Most saunas cater to clientele regardless of sexual orientation. But if you want an exclusive gay sauna, Brisbane’s got one. There’s no better place to meet likeminded people and detox at the same time.

Brisbane is a great city to be gay in these days. As you can read above, you will never run out of things to do.

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