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Aside from the scenic tourist destinations, Australia is also known for its rich coastline. There are plenty of fish species that live on the surrounding coastal wonderlands as well as on the rivers and lakes inland. Fishing is a popular hobby and sport in this country, making it a must-try activity especially if you’re a tourist. For starters, here are the top fishing destinations in Australia so you’ll know where to go.


Cairns can be found in Queensland and is the most popular fishing destination especially if you’re looking for bigger fishes to catch. This place is well known for the Black Marlin which can be commonly caught in the surrounding waters. There are also plenty of other varieties such as the Barracuda and Spanish mackerel. You may also want to try the calm waters of Trinity Inlet and catch some Barramundi, Queenfish and other similar fish. Be sure to have your Tackle World fishing gear ready at all times when you visit this area.

After fishing, there are still plenty of activities you can do in this lovely place. From scuba diving, bungee jumping and a rainforest trip, this place has definitely everything you can ever look for in a tourist spot.


Another popular fishing destination next to Cairns is the city of Darwin. It is a small city with a unique culture because it is closer to Southeast Asia. Fishing in Darwin is divided into categories. Between the months of February to May, Barramundi fishing is really popular in this area. Around May to September, you can find lots of fish species such as Golden Snapper and Longtail Tuna.

After a long day of fishing, there are still plenty of activities you can definitely enjoy in this quaint city. Darwin has a rich culture and history – try dropping by the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory and learn more about the history, heritage and amazing archaeological things.


The famous Ningaloo reef lines the coastal waters of this place. Aside from the beautiful and colourful corals that line it coast, you can also find fish of different sizes and shapes in these rich waters. Get a chance to catch popular fishes such as Swordfish, Marlin and Short bill Spearfish. Aside from these species, you can also find a fly fisherman’s favourite – the Bonefish.

Aside from fishing, you can also go snorkelling and discover the beauty of Ningaloo reef hidden underwater. Since Exmouth is one of Australia’s driest spots, it is essential to watch out for wind gusts and extreme temperatures to stay safe.

Port Lincoln

This lovely place is known to be the Seafood Capital of Australia, thanks to the rich waters of Spencer Gulf. Lots of species can be caught in these waters such as the famous Bluefin Tuna and the Kingfish. There are also other sea creatures you can catch around the area such as Lobsters and Crabs.

The Australian waters are really rich and bountiful that there are countless great fishing spots all over the country. With these lists, you’ll surely have an idea which places you should visit.

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