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If you’re planning for a trip this holiday in Australia, Phillip Island is one of the best places to visit. With its natural beauty, warm culture, and beautiful beaches, surfers and beach enthusiasts may find this haven one of the top destinations on their bucket list. While this may have been your first time to hear about this place, it is worth looking into and experience.

Cowes is the largest town in Phillip Island. If you’re traveling by land from Melbourne, it would take two to three hours. It should be a great delight to stop by San Remo to grab some fish and chips. Should you consider taking in scenic views as you cross the ocean to get to Phillip Island, you can take the ferry there as well.

Town Centre

Most of the tourists flock around the Town Centre to do their shopping, dining, relaxing, and converse with Phillip Island’s locals. Along Thompson Avenue, you will find more establishments like hotels, café’s, supermarkets, and restaurants lined up. Beautiful golden Cypress trees lined up the Avenue to the Esplanade.

The Foreshore

This is located across the commercial centre that has its own unique charm and appeal. You can see this from the Mussel Rock to the Erehwon Point. Tourists can just sit under the trees while taking their lunch or relax and have family time together. There are barbecue areas for your grilling needs with pathways and shelters offering some shade from the sun. If you’re planning to take some time off from all that sightseeing, you can take a quick picnic with the family or loved ones to get some R and R.

The Beaches

Most people visit Cowes because of its beautiful beaches such as Mussel Rock Beach. The shallow waters offer a safe place to swim and enjoy some fun in the sun with the kids. There are some places that tourists can check in nearby places. There are nearby spots where surfers can catch some waves.

Since the town is strategically located, jetties can easily come in and dock their boats when visiting the town or visit the Observation Point. Most tourists coming in by families find the beach’s shallow waters inviting especially for swimming with the kids.

There are other various spots in Cowes for the nature-lovers. There are various fishing spots in Erehwon Point for the fishing enthusiasts to spend their time in. Some tourists may opt to visit during summer as this is the best time for beaches and events in this town.

Finding the Right Accommodation

Prior to the holidays, you can book your reservations one or two months ahead of time. Coming in during peak seasons, most of the establishments are packed. Web-based platforms are available to let you easily book Phillip Island Cowes accomodation rooms with pre-select amenities. This makes it convenient should you be bringing pets and vehicles with you. To check for the credibility of your host, you may want to check for reviews from fellow tourists who’ve already stayed there for their vacation.

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