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Are you yearning for the feel of the wind in your hair and sun on your face?  Outdoor camping in Southern Australia offers opportunities for it in abundance and has the surprising ability to rejuvenate your weary body and soul and give you the peace and tranquillity deep down. 

What To Bring On Your Adelaide Camping Trip?

Here are some of the essential items you need to bring on your camping trip to Adelaide:

  • Tent, Tarp and Sleeping Bag
  • Pots and pans, dishes, utensils and a utility knife
  • Matches or lighter
  • Length of rope and cords
  • Drinking water
  • Easily prepared, energy-rich food and a tight-closing cooler to store them
  • Suitable clothing
  • Toiletries, sun protection and baby wipes
  • Mobile phones
  • Bug spray
  • First-aid kit
  • GPS unit
  • Flashlights, batteries
  • Outdoor table and chairs

Types Of Tents

Whether you are planning to sleep in a campervan or in a tent under a million stars of the Australian sky, a tent is a very essential item for outdoor camping.  There are different kinds of tents, such as dome tents, ridge tents, instant or quick ground tents, inflatable tents, tunnel tents, frame tents and tepee tents.  There are tents for sale in adelaide or for hire.

Tips For Staying Safe On A Camping Trip

  • Don’t leave out food that might attract animals
  • Keep tents zipped and doors closed
  • Beware of inland bodies of water which may contain crocodiles
  • When walking in lawn or bush, wear strong shoes and make a lot of sound – spiders and snakes don’t want to come into contact with you either

Staying Safe From Bush-Fire

  • While in national parks and free campsites, check the rules on open fires
  • Follow the specific fire bans especially during the dry months
  • It is prohibited to gather firewood and sticks in national parks

Types Of Camping Sites

1.      Private Holiday Parks

Privately owned parks are expensive, well-equipped and provide a little luxury on your camping holiday.  Priced at AUS $ 20 – AUS $ 50 per night, they offer powered sites, pools, play areas for children, kitchens, laundry facilities, BBQs, internet, on-site shops etc.  They are great if you need to do your laundry, cook a meal or have a decent shower.

2.      National Park Campsites

These are state-run, cheaper and more basic in what they offer.  Priced at AUS $ 5 – AUS $ 20 per night, some offer only a space to park while others have running water, basic toilets, BBQs and rubbish disposal.  When camping at a national park, it is important to bear in mind to leave everything as you found it.

3.      Free Camping

Around Australia there are many designated places for free camping.  Only free camp in self-contained vehicles, so that you don’t make a negative impact on the environment. As free camping is a privilege that can be abused, it has led to many camps being shut down.


Where Can You Camp In Adelaide?

Adelaide caters very well for camping holidays. As such, there is a range of campsites depending on how wild you’d want your adventures to be!  Adelaide Shores Caravan Park, Cape Jervis Station and Caravan Park, and Adelaide Hills are some of them.

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